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Coronavirus Update

Online Video Appointments Only

As a result of the latest government advice we want to ensure we are applying the social distancing advice to the highest level possible. As a result we are no longer offering appointments within the clinic. This decision has been made to keep you safe, your family safe, our staff safe and safe lives within the wider community. It is our social and morale obligation. We are still here to help you and keep you improving. Telehealth can still help you recover, stop worrying about the pain and we can show you exactly what to do and see how you are doing it. For the current situation it is perfect!

Please email steven@optimalphysio.co.uk or pamela@optimalphysio.co.uk if you have any other specific questions.

Gait analysis now available

Analyse YOUR running style

We are delighted to now be able to offer you the opportunity to analyse your gait style and how your foot reacts and transmits forces during your walking and running style. We can analyse the differences between both your left and right foot using a force plate with over 4,000 sensors and create bespoke custom made insoles, using the latest most accurate 3d printing technology as used by Paula Radcliffe.

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